Pure Green Coffee Bean Weight Loss

Because this is Pure Always Wins, and our number one concern is always the purity of a supplement, we have been focusing on how to find the most pure green coffee bean extracts. By now you are probably asking, even if I have the most pure and natural green coffee beans in all the world – will these virgin like coffee beans help me with my weight loss goals? Excellent question, let’s jump into the topic of Pure Green Coffee Bean and weight loss…

Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Make You Lose Weight?

No. Wait, don’t going running away yet. We don’t want to over hype things here, so let’s be honest, no supplement – natural, chemical or pharmaceutical – can make you magically lose weight regardless of what you eat. Now for the good news, studies do show that pure green coffee bean can naturally help you lose weight.
The results from the 12 week study showed that subjects who take a pure Green Coffee Bean extract lost an average of 17 pounds each, 10 percent of their overall body weight and 16 percent of their overall body fat. All of this was done with no change in diet or exercise.
In the January 18th 2012 issue of Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal – you do read this journal, don’t you? They really have the best comics. Seriously, we know many of you may not have read this journal, so here is the quick summary –

A study was done on the effects of taking a green coffee bean supplement for 12 weeks versus taking a placebo. The study was double blind, placebo controlled, randomized and crossover…all which means it was a well designed study.

How Can a Coffee Bean Supplement Help Me Lose Weight?

While all the mechanisms of action regarding the green coffee bean extract and weight loss are not fully understand, scientist now have a pretty good theory. Scientists believe it is the Chloragenic Acid found in pure green coffee bean which produces the weight loss benefits.

Chloragenic Acid inhibits the absorption of glucose in the small intestines. This in turn means less glucose in the general circulation. The body needs to burn glucose for energy, so where can it get glucose if there is none in circulation? From your fat! Yes, the Chloragenic Acid in green coffee bean extract limits the glucose in circulation, which in turn forces the body to burn fat for energy. When you burn fat, you lose weight. The great thing about using pure green coffee bean extracts for weight loss is that you get natural weight loss. No drugs, no synthetics, just natural green coffee beans. This is why a green coffee bean supplement can be such a help to any diet. Dieting is difficult and green coffee bean supplements can help you see results faster.

Does This Mean I Can Eat Whatever I Want And Lose Weight When Taking Pure Green Coffee Bean?

No! Pure Green Coffee Bean can only inhibit glucose absorption to a certain degree. Take pure green coffee bean before an average meal and you will see great results in terms of weight loss. Take pure green coffee bean before a binge of donuts and you are still going to gain weight…sorry. This is why we think the best weight loss results are seen when you do combine a sensible diet with pure green coffee bean extracts.

What Is The Best Plan To Lose Weight When Using Green Coffee Bean Extracts?

First you want to have a sensible diet and try to get some exercise. Second, you need to be absolutely certain you are getting a 100% Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract. The most effective Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplement should contain 45-50% Chloragenic Acid. You do NOT want the caffeine from the coffee bean, so an effective Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract should have less than 20mg of caffeine per serving (a cup of coffee has about 100mg of caffeine).

Read the label of any Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract you are looking to take and make sure it has 45-50% Chloragenic Acid and ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER INGREDIENTS.

When It Comes To Your Health, Pure Always Wins!

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