Dr. Oz

When it comes to the public perception of health and wellness, those two words say it all – Dr Oz. Not to be confused with the Wizard of Oz, Doctor Oz is a medical doctor, best selling author and of course host of the Dr Oz show. So, what does any of this have to do with Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract, we are glad you asked…

Does Dr Oz Recommend Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract for Weight Loss?

Yes. Okay then, question answered – we are all done – onto the next article… Wait, you didn’t really think things would be that easy, did you?

Let’s back up and start with our legal disclaimer for all of Dr Oz’s lawyers – we have no connection to Dr Oz, we do not represent Dr Oz and Dr Oz has no connection to this site. Why start with a legal disclaimer? Because when it comes to Dr Oz and Green Coffee Bean, nothing is as clear as it seems.

The Facts on Dr Oz and Pure Green Coffee Bean

On April 26th 2012 Doctor Oz did a show segment called “The Miracle Pill to Burn Fat”. In the segment he has Dr. Lindsey Duncan on and they talk all about the weight loss benefits of pure green coffee bean extract.

On the premier episode of the Fall 2012 season, Doctor Oz does an entire show on green coffee bean extract. He also reveals the results of a study he did with audience members, which showed that taking pure green coffee bean extract helped them lose weight.

Great, So Which Green Coffee Bean Extract Did Dr Oz Recommend?


Let’s put it another way if that was not clear –


In fact, he did a whole segment on his show about the green coffee bean scams and how if you see his picture next to a bottle of green coffee bean extract – it is a scam!

Yes, many of us feel life would be easier for Dr Oz just named the best brands, but that is not the way he works. He does give guidelines in terms of what to look for in a pure green coffee bean capsule, but anyone that tells you that he recommended one specific brand of green coffee bean extract is lying to you.
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