Pure Green Coffee
Bean Capsules

In our previous articles we have gone over the health benefits of pure green coffee bean extracts. Clearly there is some impressive research when it comes to weight loss and green coffee bean extracts. The question is, how do you know if those supposed pure green coffee bean capsules you just bought really have green coffee bean extract inside them? If they are pure, how many capsules should you take? When is the best time to take the capsules?
Sit tight, we will cover all this…right… NOW…

How Do I Know What Is Inside A Pure Green Coffee Bean Capsule?

You Don’t! This is a major problem with the supplement industry, you can never be certain that what is listed on the label actually shows up inside the capsules.

As proof of this, in November 2012, ConsumerLabs tested a number of the most popular Green Coffee Bean supplements and found that 50% did not have the ingredients listed on the label!

That means, a label may have shown 50% Chloragenic acid, but when tested it had no where near this amount of Chloragenic Acid.

So, We Are All Doomed When It Comes To Knowing What Is Inside a Green Coffee Bean Capsule?

Not exactly doomed, we just need to do some more research. When you see a label that lists – “pure green coffee bean capsules 400 mg” or “pure green coffee 800 mg” you can not believe that is a fact. You just need to do some more research. Ask to see lab testing backing up the label claims. Check the company website, do they list a full address and phone number? Companies that are open and honest and have nothing to hide will make it easy for you to contact them. Companies that don’t want you asking questions, will make it hard for you to reach a live human. Our simple advice, if you can’t reach a human who is knowledgeable about green coffee bean and the lab testing they do to ensure label claims are met, don’t buy green coffee bean extract from them!

What Is Rice Doing In My Green Coffee Bean Capsules?

We have no idea! Read the label carefully for any Green Coffee Bean capsules – pay special attention to the “other ingredients”. You do NOT want to see things like rice, magnesium stearate or silica. These are all fillers and flow agents and reduce the purity of the green coffee bean capsules.

Here is the label from the Perfect Green Cofee -

Perfect Green Coffee

Notice how there are NO OTHER INGREDIENTS – this is exactly what you want in a green coffee bean capsule. You just want the capsule and the pure green coffee bean, at 50% Chloragenic Acid.

How Many Pure Green Coffee Bean Capsules Should I Take?

There is still much debate on the proper dosage of pure green coffee bean extract, but here is our suggestion. Start with taking one 400 mg pure green coffee bean capsule, three times a day. Best time to take the capsules is 30 minutes before each meal.

If after 4 weeks you are not seeing a change in appetite and weight loss, up it to two 400mg capsules of pure green coffee bean (800mg pure green coffee bean dosage) before each meal (3 times a day).

How Can I Buy Pure Green Coffee Bean Capsules?

Read the label and ask questions! We are often asked, “Where Can I Buy Pure Green Coffee Beans”. We have done a good amount of research and believe the Perfect Green Coffee supplies the best pure green coffee bean capsules – 400 mg. If you look at their label –

Perfect Green Coffee

They have everything we want – Pure Green Coffee Bean, at 50% Chloragenic Acid. In addition, they have NOTHING else added. No other ingredients, no fillers and no flow agents.

You can do your own research, but when trying to figure out which Green Coffee Bean Dietary supplement to buy, just remember –

When It Comes To Your Health, Pure Always Wins!

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