Vitamin Shoppe and The Quest for Pure Green Coffee Bean Supplements

Today we were going through some email and were surprised how often one particular question (in various forms) came up– “Is Green Coffee Bean Extract that they sell at Vitamins Shoppe Pure?” To help our readers out, we decided to dig a little deeper into Vitamin Shoppe…

Wow, There Are A Lot of Vitamin Shoppes

Take a walk around any major city in the US and you are bound to bounce into a Vitamin Shoppe. These stores are similar to GNC, as they both carry a wide selection of supplements, vitamins and healthy snack bars and beverages.

Given how popular Green Coffee Bean has becomes since appearing on the Dr Oz show, it is very likely that your local Vitamin Shoppe will have a few brands of Green Coffee Bean extract on the shelves.

What is Purity of the Green Coffee Bean at Vitamin Shoppe?

Hard to say! This is not a knock on the staff at Vitamin Shoppe, but it is hard to tell much about a Green Coffee Bean supplement just by looking at the label. The problem is all companies claim their Green Coffee Bean supplement is 100% pure, has 50% Chloragenic Acid and is made by healthy little elves. Okay, perhaps that last part is not true, but it is the case that what is stated on the label is not always what ends up in the bottle.

We believe the best way to figure out the purity of a Green Coffee Bean supplement is to demand to see documentation. You want to see lab reports that show the green coffee bean supplement has been tested and is free of any impurities. You also want to see lab tests that show the supplement has at lease 45% chloragenic acid.

Will Vitamin Shoppe Be Able to Give Me These Lab Tests?

No and this is our problem with Vitamin Shoppe or any retail supplement store. They are great for seeing a ton of different bottles on the shelves, but they don’t have the research and lab reports that you can find online.

Our advice is to go with an online store that can provide all the lab tests and documents to prove the green coffee bean supplement is 100% pure.

Because, when it comes to your health –

Pure Always Wins!

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