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Our site is called Pure Always Wins and we love talking about purity, but even we get confused when people start talking about Pure Health and Pure Green Coffee Bean. We have done some research and now think we might understand why there are so many searches connecting pure health and pure green coffee.

What is a Pure Green Coffee Pure Health?

Nothing really…except a popular search term on Google. We also found plenty of people searching on “pure green coffee bean pure health weight loss” and “pure green coffee bean pure health chloragenic”.

After doing some research, we now think we understand what people are trying to determine, and that is where can I buy pure green coffee beans. Let’s explain…

Pure Health Makes a Pure Green Coffee Bean…That Might Not be Pure

There is green coffee bean dietary supplement called “Pure Health Naturally Pure Green Coffee Bean”. These green coffee bean extract pills are made by a company called Pure Health. So far, all sounds great – lots of mentions of the word pure…and we of course love pure.

The problem with is, Consumer Labs recently tested Green Coffee bean supplements and Pure Health Naturally Pure Green Coffee Bean did NOT pass their testing. The Pure Health green coffee bean capsules only contained 28.9% of Chloragenic acid, you want to have at least 45% Chloragenic Acid. If a product has that low an amount of Chloragenic Acid, you need to worry about the purity of the supplement.

We Have Never Tried Pure Health Green Coffee Bean

We have never tried the Pure Health Green Coffee Bean capsules, so we can not comment on the effectiveness of this product. What we can say is that this is just another example of how important it is to read the label, examine the testing and not just be pulled in by the word pure.

Go Pure, But Be Smart

As the champions of purity, we are always concerned when the word “pure” is connected with dietary supplements that may not be pure. As we said, we don’t know the situation with Pure Health, but regardless of the company, it is always good to dig deeper and ask questions.

When looking for the most pure green coffee bean, it is fine to ask where a company harvest the green coffee bean? How long does processing take? In a 400 mg capsule of Green Coffee Bean, how many mgs of Chloragenic Acid will you get? Do you have evidence of weight loss? Do you test for heavy metals?

As you can see, we are all for people asking plenty of questions to try to get to the truth about purity, because when it comes to your health, pure always wins!

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