Pure Green Coffee

We have already discussed the weight loss benefits of pure green coffee bean extract supplements, but what about coffee? One of the more common questions we get is, “Can just drinking Pure Green Coffee help me lose weight?” Let’s look at the science to answer this question…

Pure Green Coffee and The Negatives of Roasting

A pure green coffee bean has Chloragenic Acid, and as we have already discussed, it is the Chloragenic Acid that can help with weight loss. So, if green coffee beans have Chloragenic Acid, that coffee made from pure green coffee beans must also have Chloragenic Acid – right?

WRONG! The problem is that coffee beans are roasted. While roasting coffee beans makes for an awesome cup of Joe, it also destroys the Chloragenic Acid found in pure green coffee beans. Unfortunately, your morning cup of coffee has very little Chloragenic acid and therefore will not have the same weight loss results that you would get from a pure green coffee bean extract dietary supplement.

Then Why Do I See Some Coffee Products That Have Chloregenic Acid?

We have found a few products on the market that add pure green coffee bean extract to the coffee, after the roasting process. We have not used this products, but in theory these can work. Basically what you are doing is taking your coffee and adding the pure green coffee bean extract, in supplement form, to your coffee. Our big concern here would be how the taste of your coffee is effected and is the green coffee bean pure.

Does Coffee Have Other Health Benefits?

Sure. Coffee is one of the most studied beverages of all time. There are numerous studies that have found health benefits from drinking coffee. We should add there are also studies that find health risks from drinking coffee. It is beyond the scope of Pure Always Wins to get into all the health benefits and risks of coffee, but we will just say that if you are looking for weight loss from green coffee beans, your best bet is to go with a dietary supplement made fromPure Green Coffee Bean Extract.

Because, when it comes to your health –

Pure Always Wins!

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